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Final Race in the 2013 Mountain High Outfitters Southeastern Trail Series    
Final Race of the 2014 Mountain High Outfitters Southeastern Trail Series.  
The race takes place at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama, just a few miles south of Birmingham. Oak Mtn Park is Alabama’s largest state park with 10,000 spectacular acres and over 50 miles of trails. The race will start and end at the Redbud Pavilion located on Tranquility Road, adjacent to the BMX. The race will start at 7:00 AM and we are required to enforce a 9.5 hour cutoff to insure that everyone is off the trails before dark, per park regulations. (Sunrise on the 22nd is 6:23 a.m. and sunset is 4:41 PM) The 50K race will be two laps a course circling the park. There will be 2 complete aid stations per lap. The first will be located on Peavine Falls Road at mile 5.9 and the second at the start/finish, Redbud Pavilion Aid Station, at mile 15.6. We will also set up a water-only aid station near the North Trail Head at 12.7 miles. We will have mandatory cutoffs at the start/finish, Redbud AS at mile 15.6 and at the Peavine Falls Aid Station on the second lap. 

The trails at Oak Mountain State Park are rugged, as are all mountain trails in the southeastern United States. Double Oak Mountain, which runs the length of the park rises above the surrounding terrain over 600 ft. and the 50K course will gain about 4,390 feet, per my GPS. The course is 100% single track trials other than a 1 mile section of gravel road (a bike road with very limited automobile access) leading up to an old scout camp.

The Course - The race will begin with a short loop around Tranquility Road, circling the BMX Track to give runners time to spread out before heading down the Yellow trail to the southwest. You will follow the Yellow trail less than one mile. Just before the Bike trail turn left onto the Orange horse trial and climb the hill to Camp Tranquility.  Continue on the trail over rolling hills to the entrance of the camp on the Red Bike Road.  Turn right onto the gravel road going under the Camp Tranquility Sign and follow the road all the way down the hill for 1 mile to the Yellow/White connector and turn left.  Take the Yellow/White connector to the top of the West Ridge of Double Oak Mtn.  This is the only significant climb in the race, gaining about 600 ft in one mile.

At the trail intersection with the White Trail on top of the mountain, turn right and follow the White trail down about 75 yards to the Red Bike Road, (the fire road along the ridge on top of the mountain.)  As you descend to the red road, stay right of the short section of rail fence.  At the end of the fence turn right and immediately cross the Red Bike Road and enter the"Red" West Ridge Trail.  Follow the Ridge Trail for several miles. (headed southwest) When the Ridge Trail will make a sharp right turn down the hill continue straight along a narrow trail for about 100 yards and onto the Green Trail. Follow the Green Trail back to the Peavine Falls Parking Lot and the Aid Station located at 6.3 miles.  Leave the aid station heading northeast along down the White Trail on a wide gravel path toward Peavine Falls. Stay on the white trail as it through the switchback to the left, then right to the upper end of Peavine Falls. You will NOT descend into Peavine Falls Gorge. 

As the white trail reaches Peavine Falls Creek, go right across the small foot bridge and angle to your left up the hill on the Blue Trail. You will follow the Blue Trail for almost 6.5 miles, all the way to the northeast end of the trail at the North Trail Head.  After about 5 miles the Blue Trail will come to two cables across the trail with a sign directing you down the mountain to the North Trail Head.  Follow the signs, turning left down the mountain and continue to the North Trail Head still on the Blue Trail.  At the junction with the North Trail Head and the Red Bike Road (fire road) make a sharp left on the Red Bike Road for about 50 yards to the white trial. There will be an un-manned, water-only, aid station (mile 12.4) at the entrance to the White Trial. From there, follow the white trial to Maggie's Glen staying right where the Yellow and White trail split. At Maggie's, the White and Yellow trail combine again for a short distance.  Cross a foot bridge to your right and continue up the hill for about 100 yards to where the Yellow and White trails split again.  Continue straight ahead on the the Yellow Trail all the way to Tranquility Lake, circling around the lake to the left and back to the Start/Finish area. This will be the finish for 25K runners and the Aid station at mile 15.6 for 50K runners.

Awards for 50K: 1st Place Male & Female will win $150 Salomon Gift Certificates*
      2nd Place Male & Female will win $100 Salomon Gift Certificates*
      3rd Place Male & Female will win $75 Salomon Gift Certificates*
      Podium Awards - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall - Male and Female &
     1st Place Master & Grand Master - Male and Female

Awards for 25K:  Podium awards to 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall.

Finisher Awards: To all finishers of both races.

Please Note: The South Gate of Oak Mountain State Park is the only gate that opens early enough to make the 7:00 AM start. This is the entrance close to Interstate 65.

The Details
Package Pickup and Late Registration will be Friday Afternoon, 4:30 to 6:30 PM at Mountain High Outfitters store on Hwy 280 adjacent to        Whole Foods  in Cahaba Village on Hwy 280. Address - 2800 Cahaba Village Plaza Suite 250, Birmingham, AL 3524.  There will also be        Packet Pickup before the race start at Redbud Pavilion beginning about 6:00 AM.  Race Start is 7:00 AM

Map to Race Start at Redbud Pavilion - Oak Mtn State Park - from Mountain High Outfitters store on Hwy 280:  Tranquility Lake Start
GPS Coordinates to Start: 33.349150  -86.729034
Link to Area Lodging near the South entrance of Oak Mountain State Park  
Oak Mtn Park had 10 cabins available for rent on Tranquility Lake close enough to walk to the start.  Cabins at Oak Mountain State Park.  
Oak Mountain State Park has a nice campground on Mountain Lake near the north entrance to the park. Camping at Oak Mtn State Park.

Distance Between Aid Stations and Cutoff Times

Tranquility Lake 50K and 25K Trail Race - November 22 - 7:00 AM Start
Rendition of the 50K Overall Podium Awards
Start Location of the Tranquility Lake 50K (Well, at least close)
            2               4               6               8              10             12              14               16              18              20              22              24              26              28              30 
North Trail Head
Water Only AS
Redbud Pavilion
Aid Station
Redbud Pavilion
Redbud Pavilion
Aid Station
North Trail Head
Water Only AS
 A $100 Salomon Gift Certificate will be given away in a drawing for all Registered Runners and all Race Volunteers.
*The Gift Certificate is redeemable at Mountain High Outfitters for any Salomon or Suunto Products. Certificate has no cash value.
Pictures from around the park
Elevation Profile of Tranquility Lake 50K - Click image to enlarge.
25K Finish
50K Finish
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Race Route in Purple