The Southeastern Trail Series

Can you run a 5K now? If you can, you can run a 50K before the end of November.  YES YOU CAN! 

The 2017 Mountain High Outfitters Southwestern Trail Series consists of seven races all right here in the Birmingham area. The series is designed for three purposes. First, to provide great races for everyone that enjoys trail running. Second, running the series races is a great training tool for major trail races such as Blood Rock 50 Mile, Lake Martin 100, Chattanooga Stage Race or even the Leadville 100 and Western States 100. Finally, the series is designed to prepare runners to successfully run their first ultra. Each race will have at least two distance options, a short race, one lap of the course, and a long race, two laps. Each race in the series is longer and more difficult than the previous. Starting with the third race, the Memorial Day Race, we throw in a climb to the top of Double Oak Mountain. Run the long race, 12 miles, and you get to make the climb to the top twice. With the 4th and 5th races, Hotter 'N Hell in July and Ridge 2 Ridge in August we add a healthy dose of HOT! The 6th race is the Birmingham Stage Race. Now this is a tough one. This race will do more to prepare runners for an ultra than any of races that came before. You will run 3 very demanding races on 3 consecutive days. When you run a race like this, you find out your body can do far more than you ever imagined. A stage race is the best training I know of for running a LONG ULTRA. That is, a race from 50 mile to 100 miles or more in length. 

    The List of Races in the 2017 Southeastern Trail Series:
        April 8 - Tranquility Trial Race - 3 miles and 6 miles
        May 6 - Run for Kids Challenge - 10K, 50K and 12 Hours
        May 27 - Memorial Day Trail Race - 6 miles and 12 miles (Memorial Day Weekend)
        July 15 - Hotter 'N Hell Trial Race - 9 miles and 18 miles
        Aug 26 - Ridge to Blazing Ridge - 10.5 miles  and 21 miles 
        Sept 22-24 - Birmingham Stage Race - 3 Days, 3 Mountains, 56 Miles or (2 Day, Saturday/Sunday option)
        Dec 9 & 10 - Blood Rock - Blood Rock 25K & 50K Trail Races 

In 2017, two of our series races have three distance options. The run for Kids Challenge, in May has two long race options, a 50K and a 12 Hour trail race. (If you are running the long series and can run more than 31 miles, you will need to run the 12 hour race if you hope to win the series.) The short race in the RFK is a 10K. The Birmingham Stage Race is a three day event with 3 races, on 3 mountains, over 3 days for a total of 58 miles. There is also a two day, 32 mile (Saturday/Sunday) option. The points race in the short series is the Saturday Stage only. The first stage is at Ruffner Mountain Park, the second stage is at Red Mountain Park and the final stage is at Oak Mountain State Park. 

The entire series will be treated as a training camp for anyone who aspires to run their first ultra. We will be happy to provide assistance with trail running, training schedules or any thing else related to your success at running ultras of any length. We have substantial discounts for registering for the entire series. The Southeastern Trail Series is sponsored by Mountain High Outfitters, The FARM Chiropractic Clinic, Resolute Running, Tailwind Nutrition, Salomon and Suunto. 

The series is not just for beginners. It is for all levels of trail and road runners. The early events will be great speed work for experienced trail and ultrarunners and later races will be challenging for everyone. Races like the Ridge to Blazing Ridge and Birmingham Stage Race are extremely demanding races, as is the Blood Rock 25K  and 50K, the final event of the series.Throughout the year we will offer great incentives from Salomon, Suunto and Mountain High Outfitters.
One critical element to training for an ultra is commitment. If you decide you want to run your first 50K in December "If the weather is good" or "You have had no injuries or illness during the year!" That won't get it. There are "No IF's. " Register for the race you intend to run and start training for it. Every training run and training race is run with one goal in mind, finishing that first ultra. or maybe it's the first 100. Sign up now and start training. If it is raining and miserably cold on the weekend of your first really long training run, Great. Go out and find out how much fun it is to slog through mud for 6 hours. If you would like "Professional" help getting ready for the Tranquility Lake 50K, take a look at Resolute Running. RR will design a training program specifically for you to help you run that first ultra.

Southeastern Trial Runs has partnered with Resolute Running to offer runners a significant savings on packages combining RR's training program and Southeastern Trail Runs races. For details go to the Resolute Running Website.

Registration for the Full Series is now closed for 2017