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Awards for all Trail Series Races:  (Not updated for 2015 )
Salomon Gift Certificates are redeemable for Salomon or Suunto Products at Mountain High Outfitters Stores and online

      $100 Salomon Gift Certificate will be given away in a drawing at most races.  Registered runners and volunteers are eligible,
      1st overall male and female in the Hotter 'N Hell Race will each win $50 Salomon gift certificates.
      1st overall male and female in the Ridge 2 Ridge Race will each win $50 Salomon gift certificates.
      Top 3 overall male and female winners in the Birmingham Stage Race will win:
          1st - $200 Salomon gift certificates, 2nd - $100 Salomon Gift Certificates, 3rd - $75 Salomon Gift Certificates.
     Top 3 overall male and female winners in the Tranquility Lake 50K will win:
        1st - $150 Salomon gift certificates, 2nd - $100 Salomon Gift Certificates, 3rd - $75 Salomon Gift Certificates.
     We will be giving podium awards for first, second and third overall male and female in Long and Short Races.
     Awards to first place male and female Master (45 to 54) - Long races only.
     Awards to first place male and female Grand Master (55 +) - Long races only
     Finisher awards will be given for most races in the trail series.
     Points Championships for the Southeastern Trail Series will receive Special Awards, including $250 Salomon Gift Certificates to      Male and Female Champions. Short Series winners will receive $100 Salomon Gift certificates.

Set your Ultrarunning goal and every training run and every race brings you one step closer to achieving that goal.
Again in 2015 Salomon and Suunto are sponsors of the Mountain High Outfitters Southeastern Trail Series and will provide special awards and prized at each race. Our new sponsors are The FARM, Functional Athletic Rehabilitation Athletics and Resolute Running. 

In an effort to promote trail running and introduce new runners to the trails, Mountain High Outfitters and Southeastern Trail Runs created the Southeastern Trail Series in 2013.   The series is designed to take runners that have never run an ultra, or never ran on trails for that matter, from short, gentle trail races in the spring to their first ultra, a 50K in November. 

The series will consist of 8 trail races plus the BTC Free Race in October.  Each race will offer opportunities to run farther than the previous race with more difficult terrain and more elevation gain.  We will help runners design a training schedule, if you wish, that will make it easier to reach their goals, whether it is to go out and enjoy an occasional 50K or run the Leadville 100.   Or maybe even Hardrock.  Participants will earn points for each event completed based on their time and distance run.  Points leaders at the end of the series will receive special awards as Southeastern Trail Series Points Champions.  Runners entering all events will also receive special awards.  The majority of races will take place in the Birmingham area.

Our first event of 2015 Mountain High Outfitters Southeastern Trail Series is the Tranquility Lake Trail Race.  This race, a 3 and 6 mile event, is on gently rolling hills and along the shores of Tranquility Lake at Oak Mountain State Park.  The next race is also on very easy terrain, the Run for Kids Challenge 10K. Following the RFK things get a little more interesting.  The third race, The Memorial Day Trail Race (on Saturday, not Memorial Day) throws in a difficult climb up the west ridge of Double Oak Mountain and more distance.  The Hotter 'N Hell Trail Race in July adds heat into the equation along with even more hard climbs. Runners that follow the series and build up training distances in accordance with the race distance will be ready for the Tranquility Lake 50K in November.  Those that wish to go farther can continue to train over the winter.  By the end of March of 2015, they will be ready for the Lake Martin 50 or even the Lake Martin 100.
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7 races in 7 Months.  Start with a 3 mile trail race in April, end with a 50K in November.  You can do it!
“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must move faster than the lion or it will not survive. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must move faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It doesn't matter if you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be moving.” – Maurice Greene (attributed to Roger Bannister shortly after running the first sub-4 mile)
Schedule for 2015:
March 7, 2015 - Village 2 Village Trail Race* - 8.6 miles. This is a great warm-up for the series. 
March 21 and 22 - Lake Martin 100* - Lake Martin 50 and 27 Mile Fun Runs.
April 11 - Race 1: Tranquility Trail Run - Oak Mountain State Park - 3 mile and 6 mile race.  
​May 2 - Race 2: Run for Kids Challenge - The 12 Hour Challenge, the 50K and 10K trail races.  
​May 23 - Race 3: Memorial Day Trail Race - 6 and 12 Mile race. Oak Mtn. State Park Memorial Day Weekend.
​July 25 - Race 4: Hotter N' Hell Trail Race - Cedar Pavilion, Oak Mtn State Park - 9 Mile and 18 Mile Races  
​Sept. 5 - Race 5: Ridge to Ridge Trail Race - 10 & 20 Mile Trail Race - Redbud Pavilion - Oak Mtn Park.
​Sept. 25, 26 & 27 - Race 6: Birmingham Stage Race - 3 Days 3 Mountains 53 Miles or 2 Days 2 Mountains 37 miles.
**Oct. 17 - BTC Free Race* - Redbud Pavilion - Oak Mountain Park 4 mile, 7.5 mile and 15 Mile,
Oct 31 - BOO Run Run* - Dogwood Pavilion, Oak Mtn State Park - Run for Down Syndrome Alabama
Nov 21 - Race 7: Tranquility Lake 50K and 25K - Redbud Pavilion, Oak Mountain State Park.  

**You must be a member of the Birmingham Track Club to tun this race but the membership fee is less than a race entry. 
​ *The Lake Martin Races, Village 2 Village,BTC Race and BOO Run Run are not Points Races in the Southeastern Trail Series Points Championship.

Southeastern Trial Runs Major 2015 Races