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This is the race to see just how tough you are.  Not only will the course be significantly harder than previous races, it will be hot. The race will start at the Cedar Pavilion (south end of Double Oak Lake.)  After a short loop to spread things out, runners will head up the red trail.  Follow the bike trail up Mr Toad, Johnson Mountain and Bump to Blood Rock.  At Blood Rock, switch to the trail leading to Peavine Falls Road.  We will have an aid station setup about mile 4.6 located at the gate just off the paved road.  Runners will leave the aid station and climb to the top of Double Oak Mtn and switch to the green trial for a short distance to the Peavine Falls parking lot.  Cross the lot and head down the white trial to the falls.  Cross over Peavine Creek below the falls and follow the creek down to the blue connector trail climbing out of the Peavine Falls Gorge.  At the top of the hill take the Blue Trail back down to the intersection with the White Trail and turn right.  Follow the white trail a short distance to the Green/White connector and take it (G/W Connector) up the hill to the ridge crest and the Green Trail.  Follow the Green Trail down from the ridge and back up the next hill to the red trail, just past the horse trail.  Make a right turn and run a short loop on the red trail before returning to the green trail for about 20 feet.  At the intersection will the yellow trail turn right and head over to the treetop trail (Trail to Alabama Wildlife Center) then down to the bottom of the hill and return to the start along the Green/Yellow connector.  Follow this link to see the course on the Oak Mountain Trail Map.

The course was measured with a distance measuring wheel. It is exactly 8.952 miles (49,059 feet) and has 1,654 ft of elevation gain.
Peavine Falls Parking Lot    >
<    Red Trail
Green Trail     >
Green Trail     >
<    Red Trail
<    Tree Top Trail
Aid Station     >
Bump Trail     >
Johnson Mountain
Aid Station
Peavine Falls

Course Run in Counterclockwise Direction
Mountain High Outfitters Southeastern Trail Series - Race 4 - Hotter N' Hell Trail Race - 9 & 18 Miles
Races start at 8:00 AM at the Cedar Pavilion at upper end of Canoeing and Swimming lake, at Oak Mountain State Park.