Southeastern Trail Runs Mission Statement

Our mission is simple and straightforward. 
First, we want to share our love of the trails and trail running with others. Whether you are walking or running does not matter. Being on the trails is what counts. The more time people spend hiking or running in our parks and forests the more they will learn to appreciate the trails and the beauty of nature thus creating good trail stewards. When people care about the trails they take care of them and encourage others to do the same.

Second, hiking and running trails promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. Any hike or run in the woods is, at the very least, a little strenuous, even on the easiest trails. Most of the trails at the area parks are fairly demanding. Some are downright difficult. For example, I defy anyone to hiking up to the top of the east or west ridge of Double Oak Mountain talking on a cell phone all the way up.

Southeastern Trail Series races have no Cutoff Times unless a cutoff is required by the race venue. We want everyone to be able to run and enjoy the runs and not have to worry about pace. We encourage everyone to take a break along a ridge-line and hike up to an overlook or spend a few minutes beside one of the many creeks and waterfalls along our race routes. The point is to enjoy the event. If, however, you are trying to win the race, you probably don't want to spend too much time taking in the scenery.

Southeastern Trial Runs also has a very significant third purpose. In fact this was our original reason for our very first race, The Run for Kids Challenge, in 2011. We want to help raise money for charities close to our heats. The Run for Kids has raised over $ 40,000 for Camp Smile-A-Mile. This will be our second year to have the BOO Run for Down Syndrome, with all proceeds going to Down Syndrome Alabama. The Endless Mile is supporting Run for Nepal and the Seven Summits Foundation to help rebuild schools and orphanages in the areas hardest hit but the April 25, 2015 Earthquake.

Over the next few months we have several projects scheduled at Oak Mountain State Park.The biggest is installing 7 bridges over the creeks that cross the Red Bike Trail leading up from the North Trail Head. We have installed the first over ford # 1

Thank you,
David and Marye Jo Tosch
Two Southeastern Trail Runs organized work parties at Oak Mountain State Park with all the labor provided by B.U.T.S. 
(Birmingham Ultra Trail Society.) And a great job by all.
Here is the completed foot bridge at ford #1. The heavy lifting, getting two 15 ft utility poles in place and secured so they will not wash away, was done by a B.U.T.S. work party. Dan Ripple, a BUTS member, and I finished the decking and hand rail the next week.

As soon as the park hauls the next 8 poles into place we will start on the next 4 fords. If you are interested in volunteering please let me know or watch the Southeastern Trail Runs Facebook page. I will post work party information in advance.

Rerouting a badly washed section of the Blue Trail
Moving about 1/2 mile section of the Green Trail