Lake Martin 100

The Lake Martin 100 mile takes place along the shores of one of America's most beautiful lakes, Lake Martin.  The lake is located in east central Alabama, near Alexander City and has over 750 miles of shoreline.  The entire course is located on the Private Lands of Russell Forest Trail System which encompasses more than 20,000 acres.  The course is 100% on single track trails, carriage paths and gravel roads, most of which do not allow automobiles. The trails follow miles of beautiful creeks and the shoreline of the lake.  

The Course:
The Lake Martin 100 is a perfect first 100 or 50 or your first ultra. The course is made up of four, 25 mile loops for the 100 and two loops for the 50, over rolling hills and very runnable trails. There is nothing technical anywhere on the course. What the course does have is over 140 individual small hills over the 100 miles and about 13,000 ft. of elevation gain. Be prepared for endless up and down. The 100 will have 16 aid station stops ranging from 4 to 7 miles apart. That's 4 per 25 mile lap. But there are only 2 actual aid stations. Both aid stations allow large drop bags so race planning is as easy as it gets. The course is laid out like three loops with the aid stations located where the loops touch, (0+0+0) That is,  the aid station located at the "+".  Your supplies are never very far away. Crew access is allowed at both aid stations as well as each trail head on the Russell Forest Trail System. The Cabin Aid Station is located at the start and finish. Your crew will never need to travel more than 5 mile from the start to reach any aid station or trailhead.

Time Limits:
The 100 will have a 32 hour time limit for 2017. Because of the course layout there are no cutoffs until the final 25 miles. Unlike most other 100s, we are also flexible on cutoffs. If you need longer to finish, that's fine with us. We will have to pack up the finish linw and aid stations, but it your crew is willing to provide support, have at it!  The 50 mile and 27 mile will have a 16 hour cutoff.

Sunset on Lake Martin
Sunset over Heaven Hill
The Cabin Aid Station at night
The Stables and surrounding hills
Almost to The Cabin Aid Station
View from the Lake Trail

March 18 and 19, 2017 - 6:45 AM Start
The 2017 Lake Martin 100 Runners Manual is now available