Blood Rock 50K & 25K Trial Race

​We are excited to announce the addition of a new race to the 2017 Southeastern Trial Series Schedule, The Blood Rock 100. & 50 Mile. We will also have the Blood Rock 50K and 25K which will replaces the old Tranquility Lake 50K and 25K race. This race is a totally different race than anything we have done in the past. The race will take place December 9th and 10th, starting at the Fishing Center Pavilion at Oak Mountain State Park. The 50K and 50 mile races will start at 6:30 AM. The 25K will start at 7:30 AM. The cutoff for the 50K and 50 Mile will be 16 hours. The first 12 miles of the course will be very difficult. Starting at about mile 1.5, the course enters a long section of unmaintained backcountry trails that receive little use. The next 10 miles will be mostly on very difficult, very demanding and in some places, VERY steep trails. Don't try this race is "Road Shoes." 

Starting about mile 3.5 runners will enter a section following the east rim of Double Oak Mountain and that's where things get tough. You will first descend into a deep gorge then climb straight up 250 ft. on the other side. We call this hill, Barkley Hill, after in infamous Barkley Marathon's. There are no briers, just STEEP! Next, the course drops off the back side of the east rim and descends on old wagon roads to the bottom of the mountain. In places the trail is so obscure you will think it was never a wagon road, but if you look closely as you get near the bottom of the mountain you will see the remains of an old wagon wheel. Once at the bottom, you will traverse along a sunken road for a short distance before starting the 600 ft. climb back to the top of the mountain. The climb starts out very gentle but be prepared. It gets steeper as you get higher. One short section is actually steeper than Barkley Hill. And the best part, all the races get to enjoy this fun section. By the way, while climbing up Barkley and the other very steep section a little over 6 miles in, please be careful. Do your best NOT to dislodge any rocks on either of these 2 extremely steep sections. If you do kick a rock loose, yell "ROCK" very loudly to warn those below you to get out of the way.

For those of you running the 100 and 50 Mile, you get to have even more off-the-beaten-path fun. About mile 31, you will leave the park and head over to High Hampton Subdivision, then over to Hwy 11 at High Crest Rd in Oak Crest Subdivision. Then you will turn around and run back to High Hampton, and return to the park. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, on race day, you will probably not think so. This is the Powerline Section. Need I say more! The trails goes straight up one side to the crest of the mountain and down the other side. The High Crest residence plan on having an aid station where you will enter the powerline easement. This may be all that saves you. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their help.

In 2017. First, the race will start at the Cabins on Tranquility Lake. We will reserve all 10 cabins and runners may rent them for the race weekend. We will be able to use the lodge building at the cabins for the prerace meeting and as the aid station. If you reserve one of the 10 Cabins, you can use it as your personal aid station. There will be one additional change for 2017, along with the the Blood Rock 50 Mile we will present the inaugural Blood Rock 100 Mile Endurance Trail Race at Oak Mountain. We will no have official approval for the 100 until we file the application with OMSP but hopefully that will not be a problems. The dates for 2017 are not set.

Weekend Schedule
Friday - Dec 8th - 4:00 to 6:00 PM: Packet Pickup for all races will be at the Lodge Building located in the Cabins. The lodge will be on your left.  (Please try to get your packet Friday!!)   
Friday, 6:00 PM: Prerace Briefing, Lodge Building at the Cabins for all races. Dropbags accepted Friday
Saturday - Dec 9th - 4:30 to 4:50 AM: Packet Pickup and Drop-off of Dropbags (100 & 50 Milers only.)
Saturday - 5:00 AM: Start of the Blood Rock 100 Mile and 50 Mile races at the Cabins.
Saturday - 5:20 to 6:20 AM: Packet Pickup for 50K and 25K
Saturday - 6:30 AM: Start of the Blood Rock 50K & 25K races at the Cabins.
Saturday - 10:30 PM: Cutoff for all Blood Rock 50 Mile, 50K and 25K Races.
Sunday - Dec 10th - 4:00 PM: Blood Rock 100 race ends and trails close.

Aid Stations, and Cutoffs for Blood Rock 50 Mile, 50K and 25K races
The cutoff for the 50K at the Marina Aid Station will be 3:00 PM. The only cutoff for the 25K is the 16 hour race cutoff at the finish. The North Trail head Aid Station, the Marina Aid Station and Peavine Aid Station will all accept dropbags for 50 mile runners only. 50K and 25K runners may leave a bag at the North Trail Head Aid Station and 50K Runner may also leave bags at the Marina Aid  Station while driving to the start. DO NOT put your bag with the 50 mile runners dropbags. If 50K and 25K runners choose to leave dropbags on the course, you are responsible for retrieving your bag after the race. Bags left on the course will be discarded.

The Course Details:
    Length: 50.48 Miles
    Elevation Gain: 9,320 ft
    Elevation Change: 18,640 ft
    Start: Fishing Ctr Pavilion 
          6:30 AM
    Cutoff: 15 Hours - 9:30 PM
    Sunrise: 6:23 AM
    Sunset: 4:42 PM
Additional Cutoffs: 
     Marina AS-3, Peavine AS-5
2017 Blood Rock 100
      Elevation Gain: 18,640 ft
The Blood Rock 25K and 50K Trail Run - December 2nd. 2017
The 25K and 50k Trail Races start at 6:30AM at the Redbud Pavilion. 
Near the BMX Track at Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, Alabama, Near Birmingham. 
We are thrilled to announce that the Blood Rock 50K is the RRCA Ultra Marathon Championship Race for the State of Alabama.
The Blood Rock Finisher medals are SHARP!
The only cutoff for the 50K is the 3:00 PM Cutoff at the Marina Aid Station. 
The 25K has no cutoff other than the end of the race at 10:30 PM.
A few  Blood Rock Posts from those why ran  in 2016
Pace Chart and Cutoffs for the 50 Mile and 50K  only. 100 Mile Coming soon.
Registration Opens June 1st
Saturday December 2